Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer . . . Where Have You Gone

Okay, so I have been slacking at updating the blog! We have been busy, doing what we do in the Summer. Climbing, rappelling, camping, and running in the Wasatch Back! All of which have been so fun, and we are sad to know that the summer is coming to an end! We also added a new member to the family, little Bowr!


Most of our van

The whole team

Ellis taking a nap

Justin building the raft

Notice Sam on the raft, and the raft looks to be somewhat under water

When with the Chris and Ellis, plan on an adventure. We went up a big hill, which we almost slid down backwards, then went down a little road and ran into some obstacles . . .

Found a cool ranger station on the adventure

Little buddies

Snuggling little buddies

Kate loved Sam

The boys tried to kayak the river, and we found them with one boat tipped upside down, everyone was safe and sound

The boys doing dangerous things

Our surrogate son . . . Logan

Monday, March 14, 2011


The day has finally come, time to go home! Today was our last day in beautiful Costa Rica! It has been quite the adventure, and has been so much fun. My new phrase for life is "Pura Vida" . . . no worries . . . life is "pure" . . . life is good! Today the boys went out for their last adventure, a little deep sea fishing! Chris kept asking me all morning what time it was, and if it was 6:15 AM yet! He was like a little kid, so excited to go fishing! So they headed out to sea in hopes of catching us dinner!

Chris fishing . . . or something

This explains how many fish they saw

The fellas

Pens and I went running, then did some shopping. We tried to find this beach in Los Suenos, and all we could find was a private beach resort for residence. So, we decided to pop our heads in to see if we could get to the beach. I will be honest, I was surprised that Pens was up for breaking some rules, because sometimes we get fines when we think we don't have to follow rules. So, we strolled in, pretending like we knew what we were doing, said "Buenos dias" to all the peeps and security guards. We found our way to the beach through the "private resort", and stumbled upon a crappy beach that didn't even have soft sand for us to lay in! So, we headed back to the house, to see if the fellas caught us some fish!

As the boys strolled into the house, we asked them if they had brought back any fish! They said they didn' t have any fish, nor did they have the "Galloper", the care we had borrowed from the guys house we are staying. Hmmm . . .thats interesting we thought, and as Mike told us the story of the Galloper, our minds thought the worst. I guess the belts had broken and the brakes didn't work, and the power steering went out! In the end the Galloper was fixed, for a small fee, and all was well in Costa Rica! Pura Vida!

To finish off the trip, we were able to watch the Bachelor Finale on TV . . . they had broadcasted ABC over here, we just happened to stumble across it while flipping through the channels! It has been an awesome trip, with great friends!! Until the next adventure!

Which bag is mine . . . which bag is Chris'

Last day . . . so sad

Watching the Bachelor . . . look at Chris ha ha . . he loves it

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The crew: Smiths, Bergerons, Seldons

Today was a more chill . . . Pura Vida kinda day! It is sad to know that it's almost time to leave Costa Rica. It feels like the week has gone so fast! Yesterday we met a guy who was talking about how "slow" life is in Quepos . . . I am going to miss the laid back lifestyle, waking up each day and wondering what bathing suit to wear, what adventure is next, no sense of time or day of the week . . . no stress!

The fellas and the crocodile

On the crocodile bridge

Look at all the crocs down below, good thing we didn't fall in

Today we got up, the boys had left earlier to go surfing, and the girls went for a little run to the beach. We met up with the fellas and had breakfast and watched the surf competition. Then we went to the beach and swam in the ocean and did some boogie boarding! We came back, ate our fresh fruit, swam in the pool and then headed out for one of our last meals in Costa Rica. We ate at little taco bar, it was really really good! It was a good day, and now we will soak in all that we can during our last day tomorrow! Pura Vida!

Our little friend that lives outside our house

Chris in his boogie board stuff

My sunburned belly button . . . seriously

My favorite picture of Mike

Dinner at the Taco Bar

Taco freaking bar

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Sunset on Playa Hermosa

Oh man . . . where do I start for todays adventure!!! Well, unfortunately I do not have any pictures to document today's activities, because they wouldn't let us take our camera, so we would buy their pictures, and then they had technical difficulties, so we are still waiting for some sick pictures of the river rafting trip of the day! We headed to Quepos this morning, to hit up our river rafting, what they said to be a class IV, class V river! Side note: driving here is crazy, like no rules, and people pass you going so fast, and just crazy . . . we have not seen any accidents since we have been here, until today . . . . it was a sign of what the day had in store :)

The big truck that crashed

We made it to Quepos, and signed a waiver, which we seem to do a lot of here, not even sure what they say. On the waiver it said that you have to swim a class III rapid to be able to go down the river. Everyone agreed and we got in the Turismo van and headed to the put in. We saw some really neat towns along the way, and learned a lot about life in Costa Rica from our river guides.

Long story short, we made it to the put in, we all swam the rapid, which was a little scary, I will admit, and then started down the river. I think we had gone through one rapid, and Chris and I had finished the second one and we were waiting down river. Next thing you know, I see Suzette, Penny's sister floating down the river, and then her husband John. We pulled them in, and in a panic Suzette tells us "I tried to save Penny, she was drowning". In her cute little Texan accent. So, we are concerned and confused, and not sure where Penny is. Little Pens was in a cave holding onto the rocks for dear life, waiting to be rescued. They had missed the route, and had been pushed into a cave where the boat had gotten stuck, and Pens head was submerged under water. As Pens tells the story, she had a lot of thoughts go through her head in those frightening minutes. All the guides were trying to figure out how to get her out of the cave. Their first two attempts had failed, and the were finally able to get her out and on the shore. I looked over at little Pens, and gave her a thumbs down, which she responded with a thumbs down.
By the way . . . the first rapid was called the "Dragons mouth", we were heading to the "Dragon's Tail", and Pens got caught up in the "Dragons back side".

At that moment Pens sister, Suzette got out of the boat and decided that she was done with the river. Pens was still shaken up, and so they decided to hike out of the river. Mike and Jon, being good husbands, decided to go with them! Which left Chris and I alone in our boat! Chris got out and went into the other boat, so it was just William, my guide, and myself in the boat. I was a little unsure if that was safe by myself, because lets be honest, I am not that strong, so how much help could I be when I had to paddle through the rapids! It ended up being just fine, and we had a great time! I am glad that Pens is safe and sound, and hopefully they will still want to be our friends after this trip :)

To top the night off, we watched a surf competition on Playa Hermosa, and then ordered some pizza so we could come back and watch the BYU game! Only 2 more days . . . so sad, we have come to appreciate and love this place! Until tomorrow . . . . Pura Vida!

At the surf competition

Pens and Mike

That is me, actual real scared face, that crab was trying to pinch me

Ha ha ha . . . this was so so funny! This girl chased that little dog forever, and it kept running into the ocean and jumping the waves, and then it got tired . . . it was so dirty! Ha ha!

Interesting . . . This is how Mike eats his watermelon

Friday, March 11, 2011


Hiking to the waterfall

Wow . . . today was a great day! It started with a run to the beach, just to make sure the tsunami was not coming, and it wasn't. Then we decided to go on an ATV tour, which the man accidentally mis-quoted the price, so we got a heck of a deal on a 4-hour ride! We saw some pretty amazing stuff on our little adventure.

A whole bunch of red Elmo's in the tree

Pens on her ATV

Mike, Pens, Chris and me

Chris + ATV = Crazy

Our guide slipped in the mud and went off the road

We learned all about sugarcane and where it comes from and we got to suck the sugar out of the wood stick. Then we got to try the sugarcane that Chris and the boys had wrung from the stick. I must admit, it was a little weird, because they filtered it, yet there were still things floating in it and it was green. Never the less, it was really good!

Chris wringing out the sugar water

Me drinking the green sugar water and chewing on a piece of sugar cane

Pens and I slightly confused on how to suck all the sugar out of the sugar cane

We went through puddles and we got all dirty, of course, I would expect nothing less if Chris was driving. We saw a waterfall, and went for a little swim, then continued on our tour. We saw some awesome villages that were tucked away in the middle of nowhere!! I got to play soccer with a Costa Rican boy, well we juggled for a little bit! It was an awesome day!


Cool vines

Then to top it off, because lets be honest, can it get better than that? We had dinner right on the beach, so once again we could watch for the tsunami . . . . didn't see it! Then we went into Jaco where we found . . . a freaking DR. PEPPER!!!! I have not had one in almost a week, oh man it was a piece of heaven. . . . and we were able to get the BYU game streamed to our computers so we could watch Jimmer tear it up!!! All those things = a freaking great day!

Weird melons growing from the tree

Other waterfall

Dinner at the beach

Finally . . . Dr. Pepper