Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer . . . Where Have You Gone

Okay, so I have been slacking at updating the blog! We have been busy, doing what we do in the Summer. Climbing, rappelling, camping, and running in the Wasatch Back! All of which have been so fun, and we are sad to know that the summer is coming to an end! We also added a new member to the family, little Bowr!


Most of our van

The whole team

Ellis taking a nap

Justin building the raft

Notice Sam on the raft, and the raft looks to be somewhat under water

When with the Chris and Ellis, plan on an adventure. We went up a big hill, which we almost slid down backwards, then went down a little road and ran into some obstacles . . .

Found a cool ranger station on the adventure

Little buddies

Snuggling little buddies

Kate loved Sam

The boys tried to kayak the river, and we found them with one boat tipped upside down, everyone was safe and sound

The boys doing dangerous things

Our surrogate son . . . Logan


Penny said...

Seriously your last post was Costa Rica? We need to go on another adventure. Looks like a fun time with the fam, I could have gone down that water!!

The Becks said...

Love checking in on all your adventures! Love the new pup too. Is Sam part pittbull? He looks like our Bella Boo. Miss your guts buggy!